Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Garden’s

Low or easy maintenance gardens are what some people would like to embrace, through necessity or personal preference. No garden will be absolutely no maintenance, but most gardening activities have a lower input solution or an alternative.

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We Work with You to Create a Beautiful Garden Space

The most common answer to the problem of finding time, ability or enthusiasm to look after a garden, is to pave the whole thing over. But, with some simple considerations, there are many better ways to keep a garden without becoming slave to it.

Although this might rule out more time-consuming gardening activities such as topiary sculptures or manicuring bowling green style lawns, it does not mean a low maintenance garden need be bland or boring.

We have a wealth of experience when creating low maintenance garden spaces. We work with you to plan your garden to be beautiful and if necessary accessible. Simple clean designs may include a water feature, constructed or moveable planters, the choice is yours.

Why Consider Low Maintenance

  • When gardening in older age
  • When gardening with a disability
  • When new to gardening
  • When renting or renting out a property with a garden
  • When managing a garden in a holiday home
  • When raising a family
  • For non-gardeners who have to look after a garden