Water Features

Water Features

A water feature will bring any garden to life and in turn will bring life into your garden. Just the sound of running water seems to bring nature closer and add another positive dimension to the outside world. Water features can be relaxing and beautiful to be around, they can also provide nature with another reason to visit your garden.

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We Work with You to Create a Beautiful Water Feature

If you can envisage it, we can probably build it – when it comes to water we know what is practical and what is not. We have an in depth understanding of the materials and technologies available to create a water feature that will last for years.

We have carried out many water feature projects throughout Barnsley including ornamental ponds, fish ponds, fountains and water features to encourage nature to come into the garden.

Along side of natural looking water features we can create low maintenance contemporary designs to fit in with the modern clean low maintenance garden.

Water Feature Styles

  • Ponds to Encourage Nature
  • Water Features and Fountains
  • Ornamental Water Features
  • Contemporary Water Features
  • Pebble Water Features
  • Hard Landscaped Water Features